Columbia River Shippers Association

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Established in 1986, the Columbia River Shippers Association (CRSA) is one of the oldest ocean shippers' associations in the United States.   

CRSA is a non-profit organization that provides a vehicle for regional and national importers and exporters to pool their cargo.  The aggregated cargo allows the Association to negotiate highly competitive and confidential contracts with quality ocean carriers.


CRSA has contracts with 3 upper tier container carriers.

CRSA negotiates base rates for all origin-destination port pairs required by members, as well as normal surcharges, shipping terms, conditions, and other aspects requested by each member company.  CRSA's goal is to achieve competitive base rates, mitigation of surcharges, and favorable terms and conditions in each of its ocean contracts. 


While using CRSA contracts, each member company maintains complete control of its shipments.  The member company continues to work with its own freight forwarder or shipping agent, if applicable, and deals directly with the ocean carrier in terms of scheduling shipments and payment of charges.  Members are protected by the confidential nature of CRSA's contracts.


CRSA's primary benefit for members is the ability to leverage the collective volume of all CRSA members to negotiate more favorable rates, terms, and conditions than a member could negotiate on its own.

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